Machine Building Specialties 
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MBS  The leader in Design , Relocate, Repair, Install, Uninstall Machinery for the Food Industry


MBS Have been servicing the food industry for over 35 years.  We provide field services as to repairs, rebuilding, installations and modification to all aspects of the food industry from ingredient receiving through to packaging and shipping.

We back our field crews up with a complete machine shop and a sheet metal shop.  We are capable of fabrication from small machined parts to structural support systems.

Much of what we do is custom fabrication of production equipment.  Conveyors, indexers, elevators, pump systems, dry ingredient systems, packaging, make up equipment, sanitary piping manifolds, storage tanks, hoods, catwalks, safety guarding, etc.

Our customer list includes bakeries, wineries, dairies, creameries, canneries, Asian noodle plants, cheese plants, bottled water plants, fish processing, meat processing, pet food plants refineries, flour mills, automation for the film industry, recycling operations, etc.
                                                               Contact us at:
                                                                1977 Blake ave
                                                                Los Angeles CA 90039
                                                                Phone: 323-666-8289
                                                                Fax # 323-666-2620